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Amir Krause
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Re: New dojo/new student

A few pointing questions:
1. Have you taught in the previous dojo?
2. What would you / your teacher teach a new student arriving to the dojo?
3. Do you already have your own consolidated concept on the "focus" of your Aikido (Are you teaching fighting for S.D. / self development / ... ; Should one learn the techniques and then learn the principles behind them or the other way around? ; Should he be able to apply techniques and then become soft or the other way around(
4. Who is your target crowd? (Ages, Attractions, Other options)
If you are looking for teens or ~20 years old,
5. How can you to capture the attention of those new comers? The first lesson must make them wish to come for more.
E.g. plan on teaching a bit of Ukemi, and then one technique, then find a solution to demonstrate the same technique in a much more practical situation.

Good luck
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