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Re: Breaking the will of the ego.

From "The Ten Oxherding Pictures with Commentary and Verses," Ch. VII, The Three Pillars of Zen, Phillip Kapleau (1965):

4 / Catching the Ox / Today he encounters the Ox, which had long been cavorting in wild fields, and actually grasped it. For so long a time has it reveled in these surroundings that breaking it of its old habits is not easy. It continues to yearn for sweet-scented grasses, it is still stubborn and unbridled. If he would tame it completely, the man must use his whip ...

5 / Taming the Ox / With the rising of one thought another and another are born. Enlightenment brings the realization that such thoughts are not unreal since even they arise from our True-nature. It is only because delusion still remains that they are imagined to be unreal. This state of delusion does not originate in the objective world but in our own minds.


I always assumed the Ox to be a metaphor for the mind, BTW, and not for something called ego. Blasted terminology; not unreal though it may be. Anyway, the discussion led my Ox to roaming in wild fields, as remains it's tendency...

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