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Re: New dojo/new student

Thank you everybody for your replies, I was thinking along the same lines as warm up, tai no henko, ai hanmi ikkyo, then have them do basic ukemi from said technique, to begin with.

I just dont want to overload there brains, I suppose what your all saying is keep it light, and light hearted with a bit of history and ettiquete thrown in.

Willi your reply did make me chuckle, then I got to thinking, what if I get the "what would you do is somebody punched you....." I tend to demonstrate rather than talk in that situation.

Marc, that was solid advice talking about correct hanmi and body turning, its like the building blocks of Aikido.

Janet, another peace of sound advice, i will try not to give them reasons not to come back, hoewever I am also aware that its not for everybody, and you cant please everyone, having said that i will try to explain things in a concise direct and easy to understand manner. Hopefully keeping that in mind will stop me rambling as I tend to do.

Lyle what you said about keeping the session down to 1hr, has had me thinking for two days! I have booked the sessions for two hr classes, and I`m wondering that you may actually be right. My first lesson actually was 2hrs, had half hrs break and they let me join in the seniors class, I didnt think it was too much, what they didnt tell me, is that I would be like a dead man walking for the next week!

Does anyone else think 2hrs is too much for a begginers class?

Thanks again for all your replies, and of course I will let you all how it goes.

Andy B
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