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Eva Antonia
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Re: Japanese Term(s) for "Breakfall"

Hi all,

to add to the confusion -

there is "neko ukemi" (猫受身), the "cat fall", which is a breakfall without slapping.
You still reach out with your hand, but it happens smoothly. No clash and bang. We try to learn this in our dojo; sometimes it works, sometimes not. On kote gaeshi it is easier to do than on, let's say, sumi otoshi or shiho nage.

And there is ushiro otoshi, the backwards breakfall, which I only saw once in my life LIVE, but which you can see on you tube ( and many others). I tried to learn that for a long time but gave up for the moment.

But then in Belgium, we call these falls only "grandes chutes" = "great falls", and that's it.

Best regards,

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