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Re: To bow or not to bow

Brett Charvat wrote: View Post
--Wow, so I'm discriminating against religion because I require bowing at the dojo? Interesting; I had no idea I was such an asshole.
Sorry it took you so many years to notice.

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Your post here seems to stretch the definition of "intolerance" and "discrimination" pretty thin. You say I'm forcing the theoretical Muslim in question to bow. Did I enter his house and make him do aikido?
Again, what does Aikido have to do with bowing? Maybe that's Charvat Ryu instead of Aikido or what?

Brett Charvat wrote: View Post
No, in this hypothetical situation he sought out training at my dojo. How is my requiring all students to bow discriminating against him?
No. Most probably he shought out training Aikido, not training at you dojo specifically. Big difference. Aikido, not bowing. Bowing is not Aikido and Aikido is not bowing. They do not come together in a pack, you know.

Brett Charvat wrote: View Post
I always thought discrimination had something to do with treating people differently. If I'm treating every one of my students the same regarding bowing, how is that discriminatory?
That's flawed. Discrimination is saying strict Muslims cannot practice Aikido because they won't bow. You're counting them out and that's discrimination. Do you require elders with bad knees to do suwariwaza too? Or won't they allowed in the dojo?
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