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Brett Charvat
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Re: To bow or not to bow

"My problem is with intolerance. That Muslim guy won't force you not to bow; why should you force him to. Just because you're using a foreign tradition (foreign to both you and him) and forcing it into him. If I was that guy, I just would leave, that's all. No fuss. No arguments. But you would be discriminating against religion. It's your house, ok. You have the "civil" right to do, ok. But "morally" reprehensible."

--Wow, so I'm discriminating against religion because I require bowing at the dojo? Interesting; I had no idea I was such an asshole.

Your post here seems to stretch the definition of "intolerance" and "discrimination" pretty thin. You say I'm forcing the theoretical Muslim in question to bow. Did I enter his house and make him do aikido? No, in this hypothetical situation he sought out training at my dojo. How is my requiring all students to bow discriminating against him? I always thought discrimination had something to do with treating people differently. If I'm treating every one of my students the same regarding bowing, how is that discriminatory?
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