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this is off the subject, i think, but a reply to the intertwined comments on why people started Aikido. I'm a 5'5" 110 pound female, who spent three years married to a man who liked to hit me. and i definately DID NOT start Aikido for self defense, nor do i ever anticipate using it for that. I guess the only way you could stretch it to self defense is that i started Aikido to improve myself, and perhaps through that ongoing effort i can learn how to avoid mistakes like my past marriage in the future. Do i want to be effective in my technique---well, yes, of course, that's what practice is about. but for mastery of myself, not others. if being a self-defense instructor is what shodan is all about, i guess it's good that i'll never get that good, because it wouldn't be what i want to share about Aikido. but then, i'm just a fifth kyu, so perhaps i should jump off this soap box now and be quiet...
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