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Re: Where Did Ueshiba Morihei's Training Go?

[quote=Jason Casteel;251106]
3. Again, I can't say the either Takeda or Ueshiba felt that weapons were integral to what they were teaching. Nobody, in either DR or Aikido seems to have gotten any consistant weapons training from either Takeda or Ueshiba.......... (end Quote)

Morihiro saito sensei, Im quoting an interview with him as posted on AIki Journal, practiced weapons work with O`sensei nearly every morning for 20 + years, in Iwama.
Mitsuigi saotome sensei, Also studied weapons with the founder in Iwama.
I would say 20 years +, training practicaly every morning in fron of the Aiki shrine was pretty consistant weapons training.

in Budo

Andy B
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