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Re: When Systems Falter

Greetings, Seiser Sensei,

Yet another Big Brother in Aiki! You rock!!

One reason for this piece was not for either wistful or wishful thinking, recalling the "good times" of the early days of Aikido in America. It seemed to me appropriate to accept all that has transpired, and to learn from the lessons glaringly obvious, but also poignantly appropriate for us to treasure and to keep.

As George Santayana was reported to state, "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Perhaps someone can retrieve the actual wording, but the message remains loud and clear.

There are many important facts, events and memories to share, and yet, perhaps the most interesting of all is that the notion of hope is alive and well for the future of Aikido.

Despite the grumblings and ill natured postings that occasionally dot the Aiki Web landscape, the majority of posts cannot but demonstrate the swell of optimism and faith in the Principles of Aiki, and in the immense and undeniably significant value of the Founder's gift to us today.

Let us keep our hearts, minds and options open to the promise of the future, and strive together with folk most akin to our ways of thinking and growing in the Aikido of our choosing.

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