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Re: Peace

Congratulations to you all!

I would not know where to start in describing my amazement at how much wisdom lies dormant in the majority, and the joy of seeing it expressed so eloquently by those on Aiki Web!

Peace may not be either given or imposed on others.
It was always meant to be shared amongst men and women of good will.

I envision Peace at work, not by avoiding or eliminating strife and conflict, but rather, like the majority of well intentioned posts on Aiki Web, by the intentional and wise ordering, examining, and yielding of divergent energies towards the common goals of empathetic tolerance, greater mutual understanding, and for benefits possible from achieving social balance.

I do not envision Peace as a destination, or a goal to be negotiated.
To me, it is a kind of "way station" along the road of dynamic discovery we are all destined to travel over our lifetimes.

The Love of Aikido, then, includes the humble acceptance of what is, along with the tranquil demeanor we may assume, as we resolutely strive, singly and in tandem, to co-exist in harmony.

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