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Re: Dan Harden Workshop Nov 6 & 7 Santa Ana, CA

Mark, good point....

Some years ago, both Mike and Dan (plus many „followers") were on my ignore list. Then I got hooked on the aiki debates, and followed them closely. Finally, I decided that apparently there was something - either worth finding out, or worth laying to rest for good. So I went to see both of them. It was a great experience. It was worth finding out -- for me.

Did I understand fully what they do? Of course not. Are there differences in what I saw -- of course. Similarities? I venture to say, yes. Did I like some stuff more than other stuff? Sure, anything else would be surprising. Do I know them well? Not at all, I was just a seminar participant.

Most of all, I found both Dan and Mike, when I experienced them as teachers, made an impression on me that was quite different from their internet persona. Much like I probably would myself, or anybody else.

I really regret that I did not make up my mind to go and see a lot earlier. I wasted time reading a lot of writing here on aikiweb that appears in a totally new light when things are experienced first hand. And I delayed meeting two teachers who can be experienced first hand, while siding in my reader's mind with all sorts of speculative opinions and judgements, and opinions and judgements about opinions and judgements, here on aikiweb. What a waste of time.

I still dont get why people who are neither Dan nor Mike themselves need to turn this into some type of pro/con sniping. For me, what they do is neither salvation nor the devil, just incredibly interesting ways to train. And I did not get the impression any of them wanted people to think otherwise.

So if you read all that stuff.... just go and see, its more interesting.
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