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Re: Dan Harden Workshop Nov 6 & 7 Santa Ana, CA

Michael Gelum wrote: View Post
Mark, have you ever trained under Mike Sigman? If not, please qualify your statement above.

Are you going to answer Jim's question?
Let me reiterate with a bit of edit,

As I said, if you have attended Mike's workshops, then I would suggest going to Dan's. Mickey, you should go. I think you'd absolutely love this stuff. For everyone else, I highly recommend attending Mike's, Dan's, and Ark's workshops. The similarity and difference can be experienced firsthand. Not saying good or bad but I've found differences. Everyone will. IMO, that's something best experienced directly.

It's smart to keep an open mind and not prejudge.

To the general public:
For all those who haven't been following the long years of Internet discussions back and forth over internal skills/internal power (IS/IP), there are hundreds of pages of Internet posts regarding this subject. None of it has come close to direct first hand experience. Did I find differences? Yes. Will you? Wouldn't it be worth the chance to find out? As I stated above to Mickey, "I highly recommend attending Mike's, Dan's, and Ark's workshops." Not either/or, not just one, but get out and get some experience with them all. Talk to people who have attended them. If you've been smart and kept an open mind, I'm sure people will be open to discussion about it. In the end, though, first hand experience really is the only answer.
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