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Re: To bow or not to bow

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Well, that's news to me, but apparently it is indeed a secondary meaning of the term. I would have said "before", but as you like it. So. Do I think that you believe that you should show respect and humility before someone else should do so? Is that the question? If so, this sounds rather like saying "I'm not going to give in unless HE gives in first." That's not my personal view about how politeness or etiquette or reigi should work. YMMV.
It might not be a word in common usage nowadays, but I read a lot of classics, and where posible, I like to show deference to great men such as Aristotle; the particular work/s of his in which he uses that term frequently eludes me right now.
Plus: it's Shakespeare's language, and all that...

I was asking whether you were under the impression that I have a strongly held belief: namely, that other people should yield before I do so - because you responded to something I said with a very forcefully worded castigation: chiding me with a sarcastic manner - which I think is wrong, because I am not of the opinion that others should show respect to me before I will show any to them, and I never said otherwise.

All the best

- Graham
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