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Re: To bow or not to bow

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I'm not sure how to parse that first sentence. "are you under the impression that I have conveyed it to be the case that my opinion is that" Can we just reduce all that to, "Do you think that my opinion is that..."? Yes?

So, do I think that your opinion is that you should show respect and humility anterior to somebody else...again, I'm lost. Call it the fault of biology classes, but "anterior" to me refers to something towards an animal's head end. If "anterior" is the word you meant to use, then I may or may not be "completely wrong", as you say, but I'm definitely completely confused.
You can parse sentences in whatever way helps you to understand them - it is fine by me; indeed, I encourage understanding wherever it is not at the expense of the rights of another - if we can all understand each other, I think we can get along a lot better.
Parse away!

If you are in doubt about the meaning of a word, there is always recourse to a dictionary, Ms Malmros.
But just this one time I will take on the role of teacher and apprise you of the definition:

'Anterior - coming before in time'.
I hope that helps.
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