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Re: Breaking the will of the ego.

Keith, I understand where you are coming from and I am grateful for your more detailed reply. I particularly appreciate your example:

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
As a very low level example I remember hearing someone pontificate for a very long time on the deep, specific meaning of "onegaishimasu" in training in Aikido. About how it is the way we ask them to train with us, that it has all sorts of deep levels of special meanings of reciprocity, etc. The student asked if that was the "translation" of the term and he said "Yes, that is what it means". Well... all I'm thinking as I listened was that it was the word I used to be relatively polite when I ordered a beer the night before at the local family run Japanese restaurant.
Here you have pointed out why you thought the pontificator was wrong.

Surely you can do this with the OP's statement? Just take it apart, piece by piece. It is one thing saying you think it is nonsense and giving better examples of just how nonsensical you think it is. Giving us examples of how it actually is nonsensical (as above, showing contradictions or factual errors etc) is another.

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