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Re: Breaking the will of the ego.

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
Sometimes these things go from being, um, really earnest about this stuff into the realm of being kinda cultish.
i think this is an important point. Sincerity in and of itself is no measure of truth. A person can be extremely sincere.....but sincerely wrong at the same time.
And if you've gone this way; it can well be that you're the last one to see it too. This kind of stuff effects the *stuff* of who we are, and what we're made of; and how we see and filter the world. A better man than I wrote this; and I always remembered it: "If you open yourself up to being pervasively influenced, you will be influenced pervasively." or close to that. (thanks ea). hacking ego/worldview can be .. costly. IMO.
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