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Keith Larman
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Re: Breaking the will of the ego.

And Carl, I will add that I fessed up to having a rather long discussion with a bunch of very serious research folk about the psychological makeup of zombies. Rather silly and stupid, no?

It was an interesting conversation, certainly kept me on my toes, and frankly was rather enlightening. However, nobody took it all that seriously. There are things that are interesting to speculate about, think about, talk about, etc. But when you start to get into "destroying the ego", breaking the will, etc., that gets kinda "over-the-top". That raises flags. I agree with Marc up above -- I hear that kind of thing and I'd be telling people to run away as fast as possible. Sometimes these things go from being, um, really earnest about this stuff into the realm of being kinda cultish.

Obviously (and I mean that sincerely) I could be wrong.

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