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Keith Larman
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Re: Breaking the will of the ego.

Carl, sorry, I just found the original post to be nearly incomprehensible and nonsensical. Mostly new-age gobbledygook. And as I said, I am perfectly willing to admit that maybe I just don't "get it". That's fine too. There is no requirement that I understand it for it to be correct or meaningful. Shrug.

As an analogy I know you know Japanese very well. You get to hear people start to pontificate on the meaning of Japanese terms and you likely will very quickly develop the impression that they don't speak the language very well. So there comes a point when you listen to something and you find a series of slight misunderstandings, spurious at best interpretations, then see them all strung together to create a whole new level of "meaning" to some rather innocuous term that in your opinion makes little or no sense. All the "logical" steps are okay, but all the small errors in meaning/interpretation/weighting/cultural underpinnings, etc. magnify into something that according to your understanding may be just flat out silly.

As a very low level example I remember hearing someone pontificate for a very long time on the deep, specific meaning of "onegaishimasu" in training in Aikido. About how it is the way we ask them to train with us, that it has all sorts of deep levels of special meanings of reciprocity, etc. The student asked if that was the "translation" of the term and he said "Yes, that is what it means". Well... all I'm thinking as I listened was that it was the word I used to be relatively polite when I ordered a beer the night before at the local family run Japanese restaurant.

Sorry, the post just struck me as incredibly superficial and "arm chair" psychology/philosophy. Bordering on an almost cult-like crazy focus with the whole "breaking" of the "will" of the "ego". That is my impression. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But again, as I said before, please go on. I had little problem with some of the posts and I'm most certainly not the thought police. The orginal post, however, struck me as, well, rather bizarre at best.

I'll leave this to the real psych people on this thread. I'm just a number crunching, study runnin' geek who never took the time to finish the dissertation. I ain't got nothin' on some of the other folk who posted who can actually "walk the walk".

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