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Keith Larman
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Re: Breaking the will of the ego.

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

My teacher has told me that I must eat your brain since I have surrendered my ego in order to become a zombie. If I eat your brain you can surrender your ego as well! Personally, I like a nice Chianti with my brain. How about you?

Marc Abrams

ps- If there are some more great links in your cave, please share!
Sorry, I'll take the 1990 Ch Montrose with along with a couple grass fed ribeyes grilled over mesquite we had a few days ago over chianti any day.

Unless you include fava beans...

p.s. I also liked the zombie kid because years ago at a bar late at night I had a rousing discussion with a bunch of psych researchers about the best way to describe zombie intelligence. It was hilarious for me sitting there with a bunch of Ph.D.'s getting seriously involved in trying to figure out the best way to model the mental processes of a zombie. Was it best to consider them using a Freudian model where the id was the only structure left? The conversation got so wonderfully weird including considering brain evolution ideas (reptilian brain -- cue Anthony Hopkins doing that thing after he mentioned the fava beans), brain structure, heck, someone even somehow managed to bring up Jung and Paul Tillich (huh?). Of course I couldn't resist Julian Jaynes and that whole bicameral deal. What a great idea -- zombies as being throw backs to a more primal brain structure hence somewhat schizophrenic state of consciousness. Just with human flesh eating tendencies. Of course since most the people there were in the mental skills testing area we ended up discussing Guilford's theories and what sort of "mental stuff" would rotate out in a factor analysis after testing... So yeah, zombies can make for a good gedanken even in psych discussions.

So on self-examination I realize I also engage in some fairly odd discussions. So please, as I said, carry on without me. After further self-psycho-analysis I understand better why the zombie kid seemed so incredibly relevant to the discussion. Obviously it wasn't as relevant to everyone else as it was to me. Must learn to listen to the ego more and repress that irresponsible id that likes posting when I'm tired...

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