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Re: Breaking the will of the ego.

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
If you have a degree, surely you must have learned how to make constructive criticisms, demonstrating compelling arguments, citing evidence and so on.
Ego. Please define your terms. Do you mean that inflated sense of self worth? Do you mean the more Eastern notion of illusory conception of self-existence? Do you mean one of the 3-part psychic structure as defined in Freudian Psychology (which is quite distinct from #1 above)? Do you mean the so-called "self-conscious mind" idea that is probably the most common "popular" conception of Ego in the west? Do you mean conscious "awareness" of personal identity (a rich area of discussion in philosophy)? And so on.

And of course there is the fact that most mix and match any number (or all?) of the above definitions.

There comes a point when the topic gets so "out there" with people each using subtly and not-so-subtly different definitions of their words (Freudian ego conceptions, general psych definitions, general philosophical ideas, popular culture ego conceptions, general "fuzzy" non-defined ideas of something "ego-ish", self-awareness, notions of (non-)existence) that most comments without a greater context sound very much like the non-sequitur spoken by the little boy. There is no common ground that I can find in this thread hence the disconnect. At some point it starts sounding more like new-age air blowing.

Please feel free to ignore the guy who spent way too many years in psych research. In my experience we are humorless about some stuff then tend to make jokes when things get too far afield.

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