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Having been around and with the friendships of law enforcement officers; there is a real and present need to disable, or force an attacker to submit without causing them harm or injury. There are just simply some examples where it is utterly inappropriate to injury your attacker. Example: I knew an officer who was struck by a belligerent pregnant woman. If his actions were to break her arm, or even so much as knock her down, he could lose his job, be sued, or even charged with a crime himself.
I personally have worked with children, and have been attacked by children in tantrums. I've worked with the mentally handi-capped, and have been attacked in ways that have caused me SERIOUS injury. Both instances, not appropriate to use excessive force.(there are actually laws that state what you can and can not do to defend yourself when attacked by the mentally deficient... and the laws don't leave you much recourse for self-defense in the end.)
Self defense has a lot to do with self-preservation. If your ass will end up fired or in jail for breaking grandma's hip, preserve yourself by not choosing to protect yourself against granny by knocking her down a flight of stairs. :P

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