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Question Sword Cutting names

Lately, I have been working on a kata that involves all eight cuts I found in an old Iaido book. But the names are a bit confusing to me. Any input would be greatly appreciated. This is what I think the correct names are; all cuts are viewed from the nage or practioner point of view:

Shomen Uchi - vertical overhead strike (high to low)
hidari kesa giri - from upper left to diagonally lower right
hidari ichimonji giri - horizontal cut left to right
hidari joho giri - from lower left to diagonally upper right
kiri age - vertical upper cut (low to high)
migi joho giri - from lower right to diagonally upper left
migi ichimonji giri - horizontal right to left
migi kesa giri - from upper right to diagonally lower left

Don't know if this explains it well, but this is the best I can do for now.
Any help appreciated.


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