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Re: teaching the blind

Wow thanks for sharing everyone. It's great to hear your commitment, very inspiring.
I had no idea there were people with visual impairments teaching and reaching the higher grades! fantastic!

Our student Yvonne has come for 2 classes now and she's loving it. Says she doesn't know why she didn't do this ages ago and really gets the Ki feeling.
This all started as a project after I spoke to a Afghanistan war veteran who'd lost his sight. He told me all the activities geared towards him are sedate and he misses movement and being active.
I put an article in my county (State) guide dogs news letter about what I thought Aikido could give ppl and a free event to practise, and even got the insurance company to cover 20 licence fees for a year..
as it was.. there wasn't any interest and Yvonne was about to throw out the letter when she read my article.
Seeing what she's got already has inspired me and I'm going to put ads in the publications that will reach ppl with visual impairment inviting them to attend, oh and ask Yvonne to write something too.

Thank you again for the information, I'll be emailing the people you've suggested.

see ya

We practice in St. Albans in Hertfordshire in the UK under The Ki Federation of Great Britain
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