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Bruce Baker
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Power to change the world

In the light of completely changing the economy to a world where we balance the existence of all human beings with the ecological environment, there is a lot of nasty decisions that will have to be made to balance to expansion of the human race to overcome the evironment of Planet Earth.

The planning of ecomonic security, while exstablishing the agricultual base we need to feed humanity, verses getting the hell off the industrial petroleum wheel of destruction, would involve a world wide plan to introduce the preservation of natural plant growing areas while resettling of humanity to lesser areas, either in domes, underground, or start shipping them off to the science fiction of resettling in off world colonys.

Once we have ecological balance, verses industrial expansion, then rendering the monetary system into an electrontic figure would be the logical system for world currency.

We would have to create a manual labor for all of world society that would give cause for some type of labor force and open up uses for recreational activities where consumption of services and goods allow for growth, expansion, and profitability. Still, the "taxation" issue would remain for the social maintainence of military and various social services that are needed to maintain a healthy, happy society.

I believe that maintaining training in all martial arts is the way to find peace, especially in Aikido, but for those who are determined to fight kill and abuse the law of the land, there must either be a warrior continent, Antartica maybe, or a penalty of death for those who can not be rehabilitated to society. If that is the way to find harmony, then it is the path we must accept.

The actual application of using Aikido's principles of Harmony, or finding the Harmony of the Universe should be part of our educational process in higher learning, but it must be open ended in its offering.

Once the wheels are put into place to balance the population, maintain acceptable levels well within safety margins to maintain a population on planet Earth, we might just get to the point of living in some kind of structured society that maintains some resemblence of a peaceful less warlike society.

Buying acreage is the old way of ducking out of the world to get yourself alligned with nature, and the worlds problems. The Europeans took lands from lesser developed Natives, with promises, treatys, and large scale killings of men, women, and children, when all else failed.

Is that the fate we are looking toward for our own society? A stronger more advanced people who take our land and way of life away?

Hopefully Aikido will teach us to make the world a better place, and correct the petroleum industrial society that rules our lives.
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