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Re: Untrained ukemi

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I work in security, deal with 1-3 fights a week. I have used some of my aikido to good effect, and some just doesn't show up. It has all been hampered by the fighters not knowing how to take ukemi for my techniques. Slows stuff down, changes things.

Anyway, I'm looking for resources, especially videos, of aikido done rather realistically (attack, timing, force) on folks with no dojo ukemi skills. Can anybody point me somewhere good?
I have a video manual available on a simple system of take downs and restraints for law enforcement and security, They are meant to be non-injurious when used on resistant subjects who know no ukemi. It's basically a PowerPoint manual with video clips on a DVD so it's designed to take on a lap top to the edge of the mat and work off of it. It has to be viewed on a PV, not a Mac.

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