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Re: Testing before minimums???

No, I don't mean it's a huge super deal or anything... but it would change the meanings of some of the earlier levels -- if you had a year to get to fifth kyu, then a year to get to fourth kyu, etc... then (presumably) you would expect more of your fourth kyus than we do of ours. It could in theory also mean you ended up with a lot more of a range within each level (one person with 60 days of training and another with e.g. 200). Since I think of testing as organizational quality control, I can see some downsides to having such wide variance, but it's not the end of the world.

I do find a lot of people seem to find the test process (the preparation, etc) very helpful for organizing what they know so far and helping them figure out a few things to focus on working on next in the short term, and at the beginning it seems to help to do that a bit more often and get a chance to sort of break their training into smaller chunks. I've always found the testing process to be an important part of my training (the preparation, the test itself, and the more focused feedback to guide my subsequent training). So for that, I like more frequent testing, especially at the beginning when you're less self sufficient. Also, like I said, I like having just a few tests at a time from the point of view of watching them.

I presume that a dojo that tests less often finds other ways of keeping people on track. And there could be some advantages too, I guess. So maybe 'hard' is too strong a word. I just kind of like having it more frequently, personally.

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