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Re: You Can Learn Aikido From a Book

There are many similarities between various martial arts. Tai chi and Aikido emphasize tanden movement. Boxing and karate tout solid stances etc. It is very possible for a group of practitioners to collectively make use of books, film, even collaborative experimentation. There are also subtle differences between various arts. Those are both technical and spiritual and are more difficult to access without the guidance of a talented Sensei. I hope I am not subverting the conversation but the question seems to actually be, "What is the goal of martial arts study?" If one masters the movements and manipulations then one can prevail in a fight but if there is no spiritual foundation then is it "martial" without the "art." I have no opinion and pose this purely as an opportunity to learn. I have driven on multiple occasion several hundred miles to study with Demko Shihan and find his instruction complete. My understanding is that he is a student of Yamada so am surprised to see his name included in this conversation. I apologize if I am perverting the thread.
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