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Re: Teaching a Beginner What Aikido Isn't

I find the statement appropriate.

Aikido is a Budo. A long practiced art with a goal of self refinement. It is martially effective, and fulfilling mentally and spiritually.
If all you are worried about is self defense however, you are best served else where.
I suggest a week end seminar for concealed weapons. Gun are a greater deterrent than any jitsu I've seen or the modern age. In fact, jitsu in all honesty is an outdated means of self defense. We aren't Samurai, we don't live in feudal Japan, and if you think you do you are L.A.R.Ping on the mat, not training!

A serious study of any Budo is just that; a study. I believe in learning how to best yourself, not some imaginary attackers you improbably might meet on the streets. When some one is studying for the purpose of besting themselves, their development has no limits or summit. If you are training to best a competitor, your limit for development are those around you. So what? Once you are good enough to beat the biggest guy, you stop training? Are you then a master?
That's just my point, if you train until you are good enough to beat the baddest guy, then your training ends at "good enough". With a study bent towards self refinement, there is never a "good enough". There are no limits to how skillful, martially effective or fluid you can get.

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