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Dennis Hooker
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I hate to think that Aikido has hit saturation. I do think that the public has hit a saturation point with the martial arts. It is no longer mysterious and alluring to many people. Through special effects it seems every action hero and heroin of movies and television possess skills to which we pale in comparison. What was offered to us was unique at the time, and at the time to many of us mysterious. Today's public is burned out on hype. What we offer, what budo offers, does not seem to be mysterious, unique and most of all necessary in their lives. Perhaps I am just cynical but for the most part people today wish to live a virtual life. How the hell can our martial skill compare with The Matrix, the Ninja Turtles, The Power Puff Girls and the WWF. I go to seminars and see old faces that were young when I started , but not many young faces. Sure there are a few new fasces but compared to 25 or 30 years ago it is a drop in the bucket.

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