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Re: Testing before minimums???

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I appreciate the posts of useful information. I came from a AAA school and found a great USAF dojo, I guess I just need to talk to my sensei about it. He would be the one who knows. I just don't want to come off as someone who is trying to rush to a belt and quit. That is not my intention, I love the art of Aikido and god willing will be able to practice it for many more decades.
Well, you won't "rush to a belt", so don't worry about that. Most people never get there, and nobody in USAF gets there quickly. Beginner talent has a way of evaporating -- it's not that rare to see beginners in a martial art who "master" things quickly at the start, but that doesn't last, and that's when a lot of these talented beginners quit. Likewise, people who train the max days possible don't usually sustain their training pace -- even if life doesn't intervene (five evenings a week is more than most people with a life can spend on any hobby), most people who train that much get burned out. Your pace of training will probably slow, you'll spend longer and longer between tests even if your sensei cheats on the hours...if you do hang in there, it will be a long haul.
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