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All I can say to you is good luck on your crusade!

Aikido for me is just a way of personal improvement and character building. It is neither the art of peace nor the art of love. I do try to live according to aikido way, and try to implement it in every day life. But I don't see how aikido should help resolve a conflict which started in 1918....

No disrespect here but I think you and some of the forum members here live aikido as an Utopia.
Neil Mick wrote:
Ah. An apologist. Well, at least you got the intention of my last paragraph right...but not the rest.

This is not about religion, crusades, or getting everyone to hold hands and sing "Kumbaya." Nor is this about pointing fingers ("Israeli's bad; Palestine good").

I must, however, respectfully disagree: there IS a right and wrong (even as there are more than 2 sides to an issue, or even a coin).

No matter how many people die in a conflict, more death does not make it right. No matter how much evil the IDF does, there are still good Israeli's, just as there are good Palestinians, no matter how many bombers there are.

It's absurd to say that this is an issue between 2 armies, or governments. Israel is our #1 recipient of military aid: we send them attack helicopters, weapons, and even build the bulldozers that knock down the houses of ppl who did nothing. Tanks and copters, versus rocks and suicide bombers? Please!

I will not get into a silly debate over who was there first. What concerns me is what is going on now; and right now we support a violent invading army (thankfully beginning withdrawal, if all goes well) with no checks on its brutality. If the IDF is so guilt-free, then why did they fight so hard to keep out observers? The UN?

I'm sorry that you do not see the dichotomy of training in a martial art of harmony, while not seeing the paradox of supporting such casual brutality. I think its fine that you do not support anything I believe in...I never asked you to. I did ask, however, for ppl to question, not to blindly accept, and to take responsibility for the actions of their government.

Please read my other posts before you start slinging around the R-word (for religion). Aikido is not my religion or crusade. It is my Way (Do), and my Way is unique, as is everyone's.
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