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Re: Teaching a Beginner What Aikido Isn't

Willi Brix wrote: View Post
Aikido is simply the wrong thing to learn for him. Once again, another victim of the false propaganda surrounding Aikido.
Our teachers of the children and kids classes do some "scenario-training" during practice:
They ask the kids about situations which happend to them at school an try to find out, how the things they learn in aikido could be applied and how they may help them. They also invented some games, so the kids can "play" some situations.
I myself (as others) teach seminars of one or two days about how to protect oneself.
Isn't this the issue of aikido?

@ David:
I think it is very important to point out to beginners that the things on learns at class will not work right now. It's dangerous if a beginner walks around with a cpmpletely wrong understanding of what he is able to do.
Tai sabaki, ma ai, tenkan, standing straight upright, also to get free from grips are things which may help a lot at first.
Not being pushed down, not being torn around is a first step.
And is less provoking more violance than striking back.

The main problem in my experience: "Karate Kid" lasts about 90 minutes. Then all fights are won. Live/School ... lasts a lot longer. And the fights are harder to bear.
Having a teacher and having a friend often helps a lot more then empi uchi does.
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