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Re: Tsuki Iriminage - Step back hand grab

Charles Toor wrote: View Post
I found a video of Yamada Sensei showing 4th kyu techniques. At [2:50] he shows two tsuki irimi nage. The second one looks close to the one I think Anne Marie was describing, which is nice. I noticed that Yamada Sensei does not grab the tsuki wrist at all.

Anne Marie: Thank you for the video post - that nagae's third tsuki irimi looks like how you described, and with no wrist grab... kind of along the lines of how Yamada Sensei shows it. I like it.

I'm starting to think that for this version it is better to do tenshin and cut/parry at the elbow and to not capture the wrist as the initial movement. This is neat to get advice from all of you.
Yes, that is similar to what I'm describing. However, the empasis is on the bigger and more dynamic movement. You can also raise the arm up in nikkyo/ikkyo motion, enter like you are doing ikkyo ura, but continue with the iriminage technique. But, I think the video that Charles posted is what he is looking to do. The concepts/principles are the same. One emphasizes larger more dynamic circular movement, the other empahsizes smaller less-dynamic circular movement.

Anne Marie Giri
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