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Re: Tsuki Iriminage - Step back hand grab

Are you sure they literally want you to step _straight_ back? It's not that you're doing something like stepping _too far_ off to the side and getting into the range of uke's other hand, and are being corrected for that? Certainly if you step too far off to the side that can easily cause problems. But it would be very unusual in the Aikido I've seen and been taught, to intentionally stay in the direct line of an attack...

Personally I have also always been taught not to try to grab a moving punch -- deflect/block first, then switch to the grab.

The version of this entry that I know involves stepping back and off the line slightly to the inside while slapping uke's fist down with the ai-hanmi hand, quickly grasp with gyaku-hanmi hand so ai-hanmi hand is free for an atemi to the face, then switch back to ai-hanmi hand and do something kind of like an ikkyo while entering on the outside to get to a position where you can do iriminage. (sounds like a lot of hand changing, but it really isn't once it becomes a reflex)

Or there's also the tenshin more like the one Yamada Sensei is doing in the video posted -- with a cutting kind of block similar to how you might do it if it were yokomenuchi... bringing uke a bit in front of you with the cut and then sliding more deeply behind for the iriminage.

Of course styles vary from dojo to dojo, though.

On our 4th kyu test we don't usually get asked for the tenshin entry from tsuki, though... just the tenkai (for omote) and tenkan (for ura).

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