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Re: Tsuki Iriminage - Step back hand grab

Anne Marie: I appreciate your step-by-step instructions. They are clear. With that in mind, I took David's advice and looked for tsuki ikkyo ura videos and I found this:

The nage in this clip moves straight back as my teacher and seniors want me to move, then enters and proceeds to do ikkyo ura. I don't feel safe when I practice this (as irimi nage) in class but I am told to not ask questions, just to do it. Okay.

Anne Marie: From what you described (move off at 45 degrees (inside?)) I feel comfortable moving into ikkyo omote because I am in front still, but the distance seems huge to get all the way around and behind for ura irimi nage.

If I move straight back there is less distance to make up for, but feel unsafe b/c uke can ram or kick.

Tim: Is there a clip of the USAF 4th kyu tsuki irimi nage you mentioned online (with the step back hand grab)? All I can find is many, many clips of tsuki irimi nage where nage enters right away, never stepping back.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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