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Re: Tsuki Iriminage - Step back hand grab

Hi, I'll try to describe it:

Nage and uke are both in ai hammi and nage has his left foot forward to start. Uke takes a step forward to tsuki with his back hand. Nage takes a step back and with his right hand captures the punch of uke like a kote gaeshi grip. At this point they are both in aihanmi again.

Nage then twists uke's hand outward (to the right) and steps in with his back leg (left leg). He then shuffles more behind uke, lets go of his wrist, and continues the irimi nage like shomenuchi iriminage with tenkan.

That is the one our teacher and assistant teachers are making us do again and again, but I cannot find any videos to help us get this right. Any ideas?
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