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Bruce Baker
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Stop yanking my chain

Humanity is more suseptable to the taking the easy path of violence than most people suspect.

Before the evolvement of the atomic bomb age, we have all out war and conflict, but after the development of atomic bombs, we have conflicts that aren't called war until twenty years after the fact. Are we using semantics to disguise the use of war tactics for power or preservation of power?

It is difficult to understand the world picture of economic's, political power, and control of human populations through government, but within my context of understanding it is as much disorganized as it is organized.

The same examples of human beings with foibles, characteristics, and agenda's not only reach across the world, but are easily identified within the ranks of Aikido's practitioners as we see minor conflicts, social faux pas, and other structural political snubs or patches to breach harsh words or bad feelings between our own leaders in aikido.

Some people just have a need to leave a mark so deep, they forget that all fame is fading with the movement of time. So too, the maneuvering of governments, despots, and power hungry wanna be's.

There will always be some cultural disparity as human nature takes hold over educated minds, such is the sight of those who would take from others what they desire rather than work for it or earn it.

The dark side of our humanity is killing, stealing, war, noncaring human beings with dark and clouded minds. So too, do I consider those who constantly urge us to "Shut up ane train" a threat to the stability of peace...

For it is the ignorance of brutality that turns off the mind to peaceful resolution in favor of brute force to resolve a situation.

Sure, "Shut up and train" might work for a while, but then the ignorance of physical brute force is accepted without question in this type of forum.

This is the mentality of fighting with bombings, killing women and children, and the continuance of perpetual war to maintain poverty for the masses while the leaders maintain power and wealth. Somewhere, sometime, human faces will appear, and then we will find a middle ground to co-exist in relative peace ... barring the usual family squabbles and arguments now and them. At least there will be some peaceful lifestyle.

If you don't understand the people of the United States, then you don't understand that the internal support of the lifestyle, the somewhat comfortable industrial way of life, and the support mechanisms, no matter how good or bad they appear worldwide, depend upon the stuctural integrity of the general population having a somewhat open ended economy with a lifestyle that maintains the comfort of living.

It would be a hell of a lot cheaper to level a country and let new settlers come into the land, than all this surgical strike nonsense, but then what about the innocents?

The subject is as complex as trying to learn Aikido with "Shut up and train" mentality.

The dogs of war will raise their heads and rage, be they quiet for years, decades or centurys ... it is the human nature of humanity. The question is, will there be voices of peace strong enough to stand up the the war dogs? Will there be sensible thoughts of strength from those who train in Aikido?

Harmony is such a tough subject, it is a pity it needs its opposite named Violence to balance it in perspective.
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