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Re: Peace

Just putting your point of view across doesn't mean it's a conversation. Did you ever listen to begin with or did you opt to oppose anything but your own beliefs? Arguing points you may see as a valid way of interacting but I insist there is a different way of communicating that is free of conflict even to begin with. But since you chose not to go down that road you may open your own thread arguing as much as you like (Let's see if you find any one interested in taking you on?), but you won't find me there at all unless there's something genuine being offered. Genuine in the sense of a willingness to listen and an interest in finding out what the other is saying.
When I join a conversation I do that without having the need to hold on to my views as opposed to the other. But when I open a conversation with a view of mine with a desire to share that view I find no interest in combating my perspective against another. If you don't agree, fine. If you want to share your perspective open a dialogue to invite people to it instead of trying to hijack someones else. If you don't understand this there is not much we can do about it. Arguing on other peoples posts may seem interesting to you especially if you fancy yourself to be in the know, but it can also be seen as arrogant and proud. Now if you call yourself a Christian you should have the eyes to see this. If not, look again.

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