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Re: Peace

Bjorn Saw wrote: View Post
... If you have tasted this you will understand but if you haven't you ...
Insisting on your way of thinking might make you feel good about yourself but hardly helps in breaking new ground together.
Isn't this what struggle means?
I found my way. I got my beliefs. I practice aikido. I live my life. And do it in a very spiritual way. Learnig often was very hard over all the years.
Why do you have to convince me, that your understanding of life is "better" than mine?

But I think if you believe to inherit "universal and eternal truth" and that your way is the only one, there's no reason for longer talking?

Knowing who's host and who's guest is essential in keeping with the rules of conduct. If you'd like to proselytize your own beliefs start your own thread.
Do you really understand a thread in a forum in the words of "host" and "guest" instead of communication between humans?

A big part of peace is to see the whole picture. To see diverging views, to understand differing strongholds. To be able to hold different perspectives. It's a study of life.
That's what I said. But you can't deal with a perspective wich to contradicts you?

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