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Re: Peace

There is depth of peace that can be recognized as a spiritual experience that reveals a universal truth, regardless of creed or belief structure. If you have tasted this you will understand but if you haven't you can go on arguing forever. Aikido can be part of such an understanding even when you disarm someone of their spear.
Knowing your own ideas too well leaves no room to take something new in. Insisting on your way of thinking might make you feel good about yourself but hardly helps in breaking new ground together. Knowing who's host and who's guest is essential in keeping with the rules of conduct. If you'd like to proselytize your own beliefs start your own thread.
Wanting to understand, wanting to listen is a first requirement of a conversation. No point in joining a conversation just to advocate your own views thinking you know it all already. But it is also cool to notice how this is a very culturally conditioned response. Can you see it?
A big part of peace is to see the whole picture. To see diverging views, to understand differing strongholds. To be able to hold different perspectives. It's a study of life.

Good luck

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