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Re: Peace

Bjorn Saw wrote: View Post
Bu in Budo is a laying down of arms.
That is misunderstood I think.
武 bu/take just means "military ~". If you want to dissect the kanji you may get "to stop/halt the spear", which means the spear of the attacker. And when learning a koryu you will learn concretely how to do this with a bo, katana, yari naginate, only the hands.
O Sensei was very interested in waza to halt a spear.

budo in no sense means laying down the arms in a way you try to implicat here. This is only wishfull thinking - or bluff.
Peace is our natural state even though most people have no sense of it in their busy lives.
Well I think you sermonize in this thread.
And your assumptions may fit to you, but they cannot be seen as universal truth.

It is a spiritual domain that is eternal and therefore is a quality of our timeless nature.
It is not eternal and not universal because it is not shared by every spiritual or religious movement/group/tradition.
The bible explicitly tries to explain in gen 3, why peace is not the underlying principle in our world.

If you believe in peace, that's fine. But it only can by sermanized, it can not be proved.
Just as little as I can proove my religious (christian) beliefs in a way everybody has to accept them as universal, eternal truth.

It goes beyond death, strife and wars. It is what our soul seeks in earnest.
Different souls, different ways of seeking, different answers.

If we haven't solved the issue of peace within ourselves first how will we ever be able to understand or help others that are caught up in real struggles?
Understanding the struggles within oneself, accepting them instead of splitting them off, helps a lot to help others to live with their struggles.

Well this is a religious debate. It's not about aikido.
And I don't like specific religious beliefs being displayed as "eternal" or "universal" truth.
O Sensei himself - and both the following doshu aswell - expressively stated aikido to be open for all person, from which religion or spiritual tradition ever they may come.
And living together without trying to proselytise people is an important part of aikido practice to me.


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