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Re: Peace

I think that is great, but I'd like to add that we should have victory! The victory of peace! Sometimes we need to go to war to achieve that victory but like you say, we do it with a composed heart. There can be anger at the horrors seen but as long as our response is just and appropriate it does not negate the peace we strive for.
Bu in Budo is a laying down of arms. Peace is our natural state even though most people have no sense of it in their busy lives. It is a spiritual domain that is eternal and therefore is a quality of our timeless nature. It goes beyond death, strife and wars. It is what our soul seeks in earnest.
Investigate it in your self and learn about it outside of worldly conflicts. Grasp the meaning behind the word. Find the essence of peace within through dedicated interest. There is so much spiritual literature that is pointing towards this realization so it's not difficult to look. If we haven't solved the issue of peace within ourselves first how will we ever be able to understand or help others that are caught up in real struggles? Arm one and sanction the other?

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