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Peace is great in theory, and clearly peace is not nearly as common in practice. Each generation seems to forget the horrors of wars past and remembers only the glory - which makes it possible for this generation to make the same mistakes and start the same wars.

The one thing we can change in the vast tapestry of time and history is ourselves, and by doing so we can create something new - a willingness not to fight, a willingness not to repeat the glorification of war and a willingness to remember the tragedy of it. Most importantly, we can create in ourselves a habit (and this is what Aikido training is so good at) of seeing "the other" as part of ourselves, so that in moments of crisis we do not see them as "enemy" and respond with fear, but see them as partners and respond with compassion.

Yes, sometimes that compassion is forceful - as anyone would be with a cleaver-wielding maniac heading towards their child - but it is not angry, and it always intends to move the crisis towards resolution, rather than aiming at "victory" . . .
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