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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

You open doors with unbendable arms.
You don't know what day it is when you've missed a training session.
Plan your eye-wear by training sessions (contact lenses in on a training day, specs non-training).
Your workmates know what the difference in eye-wear means.
You walk into work looking absolutely knackered and your workmates simply ask "decent training session last night?"
You sit in seiza while rummaging through the fridge.
You tai-sabaiki or tenkan turn around people who get in your way while walking down the street or at work.
You watch Doshu videos, working out the techniques he's doing in quiet spells at work.
You keep looking for locks and pins when doing karate kumite.
You wonder where the kamiza is in a karate dojo - even if you're taking the class.
You ask your karate sensei "why block it when I can just tenchi-nage him?"
You keep a range of knee, elbow and wrist straps in the glovebox of your car.

Think that will do for now...
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