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Re: Peace

Bjorn Saw wrote: View Post
Peace is a spiritual realization of seeing the underlying reality of non-duality.
Hm, I see the underlying reality of the interexchange of yin and yang being not one and being not a duality. i.e. not being on but forming wholeness.
The dao isn't static, but it's a flow, a movement, up-and-down, come-and-go, yes-and-no.
Same with ki. Ki isn't static, but it's the movements of yin and yang, their intexchange.

Once we come upon this depth of spiritual insight or revelation and you see without doubt the oneness and unity of all mankind;
Well I'm a christian and reading the story of the creation of heaven and earth; of the world in which and with which we live; and of me and you and every other human being (and every other life) shows me without doubt the oneness and unity of all mankind.
(And the oneness and unity of all our world.)
I meet with my buddhistic friends aswell as with my moslem friends at this point.

How does this insight relat to the question whether struggle is needed or not? And to the question what peace may be?

Why does seing the wholeness of creation mean to not see the diversity, pluralism, richness of our world?

that you and I are one, then your actions will be informed by this awareness.
We are one. But we are not one.
Don't know the right terms in english. But learning to say "I" (ego) , learning who am I, loving oneself, and being oneself seems to be a very important aim of ones life.
"I" and "you" must not be separeted, I think. But they are not the same.

Aikido then takes on a different quality than it had previous.
aikido is just doing aiki. You can fill it like O Sensei with the thoughts of being the expression of yamato damashii (before WW II). Or you can fill it with the shinto of Oomoto kyo. Or some fill it wiht zen. Or Christian beliefs.

But what you are doing on the tatami is always the same:
Practicing aiki. Connecting with the ki of the universe. Connecting with the ki of an attacker. Connecting your ki within you.

Nothing miracolous. Just practicing aiki.

It has been informed by greater insight into the nature of non-dual reality. As such your reactions will be different and you will see your Aikido advance and maybe you will begin to see what O Sensei meant when he said all those things of being one with the world.
Oh thank you.
Fortunatelly I experience my aikido advancing every day. Because it is part of me and my journey through life it isn't static and grows and develops. Like I do. Like everyone doese.
To understand the words of O Sensei it helps a lot to learn about shinto, about its cosmology and so on.

Again: Why do you think, "being one with the world" means not to struggle?
How do you achieve your aims? Don't you have some? Or do you try to practice wu wei by doin nothing? Do you avoid conflicts? ...

Those enlightening moments did change his expression of Aikido.
Some of the "enlightening moments" of O Sensei often referred to, to place in 1925 and the time aroun this year. Look at how his technique was back then. Maybe read "budo" to get an impression how he understood his art back then.

All I'm simply saying is this, there is a reality behind the concept of Peace that is mind-blowing and profound ...
Ok, don't know, how long you are walking your path ...?
Seems like a high flying idea. But I if that "reality" denies
human beings being different and denies conflicts as a creative action of life, it will lead to nothing.
I know that "Aiki Extencions" works with Israeli and Palestinians. Their conflict is real. And they have to live it and with it.

It is part of the spiritual seeking that will bring you home to your self.
Are you aware that the spiritual seeking of different people is different?

Hopefully O Sensei leads the way to inspire us to walk this path of non-violence.
Hm: Are you a "believer" of Ueshiba Morihei? Do you follow his thoughts (and if: Which of them? And from whom do you know of them?)
Or do you practice his art, i.e. the budo he derived from Daito ryu?

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