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There is always right and wrong...good or evil, etc.

Sometimes it becomes hard to define it. Especially in situations such as ethnic fighting where it is possible for both sides to be right and be fighting over a differences of perspective. Which seems to be the crux of the equation with israel and palestine-both sides are right.

I have seen an exercise that illustrates this point clearly. I went to my search engine and found this link which will show you what I am talking about. (I no nothing about the site other than it demonstrates my point!)

Paradigm Demonstration

I think it is very short sighted to state the aikido is only a martial art and should be practiced in the dojo. In would be very unfortunate for Aikido and all martial arts to have it compartmentalized into the confines of that limited environment.

Aikido is a way of life for many of us. It is a dynamic philosophy which at it's base provides a wonderful foundation for building your personal principles upon. Yes, in many ways Aikido can be an answer to solve big problems!
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