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Re: You Can Learn Aikido From a Book

Michael Gelum wrote: View Post
While that may be your opinion, I knew Cycyk Sensei personally, and his contribution to the martial arts at KI, Karate International, Youngstown, Ohio.

Cycyk sensei was the dojo-cho of the Youngstown Aikikai, and affiliated with Hombu.

Do not diminish and smudge the memory of a very proficient martial artist, by making such a snide and ill-informed remark.

But, then again, I know the company you keep...

Hey Mark, coming to the seminar with the others, missed you on our visit? Get the details from Joe!

Mr. Gelum:

I do not know you or Cycyk sensei - nor was I referring to him or you in any manner in my post - it was simply a comment about Tohie and his books. Nor do I ever remember taking any cheap shots at you or anyone you may be associated with. I do not appreciate the tone and obvious attack in you post - I find it extremely immature and in very poor taste

By the way, I also keep company with Mark M on occasion, so why don't you take a couple cheap shots at him as well.
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