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With the Aiki Peace Week organized by Aiki Extensions coming up I thought I write something about Peace.

Peace in the deepest and truly spiritual sense indicates an understanding that transcends even the notion of conflict. Peace in the way I'd like to present it has nothing to do with struggle. It is a joint understanding come upon through a mutual insight into the nature of life itself. Peace exists as real possibility in the beginning, in the middle and in the end. There is no time to overcome or to conquer. There is no time to negotiate, argue, mediate or compromise. Peace is absolute or not at all. Peace looks at no history, makes no plans for the future. It is truly in the now. Once you find it in yourself to hold such a absolute view you will not be able to join any opposite side. There is no more worthy cause than the cause for peace itself. No side can lay claim to it. It favors no one. Peace have no agenda but itself. Peace takes no sides.
Peace requires a direct insight into the nature of life itself. It is a spiritual pursuit into your own deepest self. Find the meaning and purpose within and you'll solve all questions of conflict. Conflict in the world can only be dealt with this understanding. Anything else will merely scratch the surface and be hardly of any use.

In my dojo all inquiry and meditation is geared towards this direct intuitive understanding. All spiritual and human dilemma can be looked into and understood through a passion to want to know. We can solve the problems of conflict, whithin and whithout, through dialogue and joint inquiry and contemplation.

The practice of Aikido is made for this purpose; to understand Peace! Once you understand it, you can live by it. That is not an easy matter but without understanding you would not even know where to start. So look at the heart of Peace and solve it to what it means, right now, together with another or by your self. Then and only then will you bring peace to this world. What does it mean? Pursue it with your life and with a passion that the world depends on it.
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