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Re: kubi nage

Willi Brix wrote: View Post
... of course there are all sorts of names floating out there.
Yes, that's true.

But it's kind of interesting, to notice that those names are not random but follow systems.

So there are certain styles or also certain lines of tradition within a style, which use certain names.

You have the wide range from calling "nearly every technique" kokyu nage in ki-aikido (at least the line of Yoshigasaki which is representative here in Germany) to naming the same technique in different ways with every form of attack in koryu yawara.
This is not only about names, but it shows the underlying understanding.

Or you can discuss whether rokyo (Saito Sensei) is a own technique following own principles or whether it is a certain form of nikyo ura (some aikikai teachers). The name isn't just a name, but helps to understand what is done in this waza.

Or see the discussions about ikkajo / ikkyo and kokyu ho / kokyu dosa / aiki age in this forum.

And so on.

Like always in life the names and the nomenclature, wich shows the system of the techniques, leads to a certain understanding of what is named.

It's not worth to quarrel and struggle but it's worth understanding, I think.

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