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Re: You Can Learn Aikido From a Book

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T: No. When I visited Chicago a few months ago, four Ohioans came to study under me and I was surprised because they knew the techniques quite well. When I inquired who taught them, they said that they had learned it from my book. One person would read while the others practiced the techniques. They didn't reveal any major faults in their movements. I'm glad that my book can help
people who live in an area where a dojo is not accessible.
Four of the Ohioans were Chuck Cycyk, Ron White, Terry Banks and Andy Demko from Youngstown, Ohio. I got this information from Ron White and he said that there were actually more than four that went but he is not sure of their names.

Ron White runs the 'Total Defense Systems' in Boardman, Ohio. (

Chuck Cycyk passed away several years ago. He ran the Youngstown Aikikai and was a former sensei of mine.

I don't know anything about Terry Banks.

Andy Demko is a Sichidan (7th degree black belt) and runs the Aikido Center of New Castle in New Castle, Pa.(

They had prior judo experience before Aikido and the book they learned from was Tohei's " This Is Aikido".


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